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Needing emergency hot water or looking at upgrading in 2020? DWH Plumbing Solutions delivers on affordable hot water system installation and repairs in residential, strata and commercial sectors throughout the entire Lake Macquarie area.

Electric storage systems

Storage hot water systems are common in existing residential and commercial buildings. They are an inexpensive way if needing to replace existing storage water systems. Most often are on off-peak tariffs to save money on electrical heating costs. Can be placed indoors & outdoors.

Gas continuous flow 

A well liked hot water unit for its space saving size for those narrow outdoor areas. Can be installed if you have Natural gas connected to your property. Also can be installed to a LPG installation. Never runs out of hot water. Sizes vary depending on family size. Out door model only.

Gas storage systems

Gas supplied storage water heaters have a constant burning pilot light that is on standby ready to ignite the main burner once the water temperature drops/ or the heated water has been used up. Are ideal for residential & commercial properties with a quick recovery time of reheating. Outdoor only models.  

  • Water is constantly running from temperature pressure relief valve.

  • The hot water is brown in colour.

  • There is calcified build up on brass fittings.

  • Electrical fuse keeps tripping to 'off' in electrical box.  

  • The gas pilot light constantly goes out.

  • The hot water appears to be less hot in temperature.

  • Strange sounds coming from heater. 

  • Cold water inlet valve won't shut off water supply to heater.

  • Water leaking out from tank. 

  • Fluctuating water temperatures.

  • Water pressure differs.

  • Water temperature has become hotter than usual.

  • Hot water runs out too quickly.

Water Heater Servicing

Most storage water heaters, whether it be gas or electric storage systems need to be serviced to keep your hot water running and to mainly prevent a system from shutting down unexpectedly.


A systematic service for residential heaters can range between twelve months to four years for optimal running performance.

Commercial water heaters should generally be serviced annually for peak operation.

If you are having a hot water emergency due to your hot water system leaking or you are losing water temperature in Lake Maquarie or Newcastle then give us a call by simply:


  1. Phone 0421 391 599

  2. We will book in a time that is most suitable to you.

  3. Enjoy peace of mind as we take care of your issue by getting your hot water back on fast and leaving the area spotless. 

Solar hot water systems should be checked and serviced annually for a safe operating temperature.

By having a water heater serviced can save you on electrical or gas running costs, and prolong the hot water systems life expectancy.

Temperature Pressure Relief Valve (TPRV) 

Temperature pressure relief valves are located on a storage water system and are one of the most important parts of a water heater. They are specially designed to relieve the storage water tank of excessive pressure build up during heating cycles. Most manufactures recommend that a TPRV be opened for a few seconds every six months to prevent the valve from seizing or failing. It is important to follow manufactures’ instructions which can be found written on a label near the top of tank.     

Tempering Valves (Hot water mixing valve)

A tempering mixing valve is specially designed to mix the hot water from a hot water heater with cold water, to supply hot water at a consistent temperature.   


These type of valves by law have to be installed on all new hot water heaters that supply hot water to a bathroom to prevent extreme water temperatures that can cause severe scalding. All hot water installations are required to comply with the Plumbing code of Australia. 


By having this valve installed at the hot water system will reduce the chance of scalding in the bathroom at the shower, bath and hand basin.  

DWH Plumbing Solutions offer a wide range of different hot water systems to suit the various locations of Lake Macquarie including Gas & Electric Storage heaters, Instantaneous continuous flow, Heat pumps & Solar hot water systems. We guarantee that we have the solution for your hot water system needs in 2020. 

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